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In this paper, we define the FFE as the period between when an opportunity is first considered and when an idea is judged ready for development. Meanwhile, the slag remaining in the first pot would be unloaded. The sulfur would evaporate and the fumes would be led into the other pot via the pipe, where it would condense and be poured into wooden moulds. A cone-shaped pile of sulfur was built up, and in the case of the Calcaroni furnace, a cover plug of soil was put on top of the sulfur. The main difference between these two was that the Calcaroni was a larger furnace and soil was added to the top of the sulfur heap inside it, to control the combustion. Instead, in 19th century Sicily, they simply improved on the melting techniques and came up with melting furnaces called Calcarelli and Calcaroni. At Waltham Abbey, best quality Sicilian sulfur came in with about 3-5% of impurities.

In the 19th century, 75% of the world’s sulfur production came from Sicily alone, and 5% more from the Romagna region. By 1878, it became a leader in the world’s sporting powder market. The Austrian empire adopted his gun cotton as a propellant to replace black powder and supplied thirty howitzer batteries with gun cotton cartridges, as well as a new model of the Lorenz rifle (the M1862 model) to use gun cotton. While military interest in gun cotton had decreased, civilians were very interested in this new technology. After the 14th century, as gunpowder technology began to develop throughout Europe, the demand of sulfur began to increase. The traditional way of extracting sulfur during the Roman times to the middle ages was to melt it in open pits. Mining for sulfur from Sicily and Romagna regions in Italy dates back to at least Roman times. This meant that Italy accounted for both the 1st and 2nd largest producers of sulfur in the world in the 19th century.

Naturally occurring sulfur at the edge of a crater on Vulcano Island, Sicily, Italy. The sulfur produced varied in quality and was generally exported to other distilleries, primarily to Marseilles, France, but also to smaller refineries owned by gunpowder mills, such as Waltham Abbey, where it could be further refined. Using this process, the nitrocellulose that was produced was diluted with unconverted cellulose and metallic nitrates, which allowed for an even rate of combustion. Later on, the pots were produced using cast iron. During the Middle Ages, a better technique emerged, using clay pots to distill the sulfur. The crude sulfur was placed in one pot, which was heated on a fire using wood or coke as a fuel. However, in 1868, there was a major fire in his factory and it burned to the ground. Schultze started manufacturing his smokeless powder in a factory in Potsdam, near Berlin, around 1864. His powder soon gained popularity among civilian hunters.

Two factories in Austria started to manufacture gun cotton based on his process. Soon after this, a British company called Thomas Prentice & Co. started to manufacture gun cotton in 1863, in a town called Stowmarket in England. The gun cotton, as made by Von Lenk’s process, retained the fibrous nature of the original cotton. Sales Enablement: Communicate the value proposition of your product including how they compare to competitive offerings, to the sales and field teams and develop the sales tools that support the selling process, including sales training and product demos. However, marketing your product is much different than marketing your online business. It will fluctuate, however, if increases in the prices paid for merchandise cannot be offset by increases in sales prices, or if special bargain purchases increase profit margins. We will study his process in our next post. Usually this placement is done through a bidding process.