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To overcome these problems, the remanufacturers need to achieve a better control over the product’s design and use phase, i.e. the life cycle phases that precede the remanufacturing process. In order to make the remanufacturing process more efficient, the products need to be adapted for the process. To summarize the restaurant quality evidence, then, we find that the entire distribution of restaurants fills out in larger markets, giving rise (among other things) to more high quality restaurants, even per capita. For designer products that are highly priced, the audience is considered “high-end.” Then, the marketers design everything to meet the consumer’s psychological make-up. A product platform is a set of common components, modules or parts from which a stream of derivative products can be created. Product platform design requires selection of the shared parts and assessment of the potential sacrifices in individual product performance that result from parts sharing. Design of a nail gun platform is used to illustrate the concepts presented. Design for environmental/remanufacturing aspects should be a crucial part of the manufacturers environmental management systems (EMSs) as the products stand for much of the material flows at the manufacturing companies. This research has shown that remanufacturing is preferable to new manufacturing from a natural resource perspective.

Commonly, the manufacturing material of the PCBs is developed using a chemical substance that gives it an unyielding and fixed structure. If you refer to the WordPress API documentation you will see the amount of material you would need to be conversant with to get this done. Remanufacturing case studies have shown that the companies performing remanufacturing often have problems with material flows, use of space and high inventory levels. You can use Aloe Vera for removing your makeup and you will not be disappointed by how effectively it takes makeup off. If you take apart a Mac computer, and you take apart a PC, you will find that they use the same parts and components. However, for lower quality restaurants, the ‘neighborhood replication’ argument (under which city neighborhoods would offer about the same choices in small and large cities) is difficult to rule out with our present data. Of course, we can not rule out more subtle forms of horizontal differentiation. No more fighting with your significant other anymore! With the appearance of large number of brands, companies try to make their products more recognizable and induce customers to consume more of their products.

They are still considered necessary steps, in order to proceed to the value-added processes and attain completion as finished goods that customers are willing to buy at a value-added price. It also describes how the remanufacturing processes can be improved to be more efficient. If the external auditors address the manufacturers to have a life cycle perspective on their business the manufacturer would be more likely to adapt the remanufacturing aspects in their environmental management systems. One might think this would give them a special advantage in large cities, but they are not more popular in larger cities. Each chain then defines a quality level that is constant across cities and we can check for the number of restaurants above each quality ranking. Using box and whisker plots, the panels of the figure relate measures of the number of restaurants above a very high absolute quality threshold in each market to market size, measured by population. Table VI reports regressions of the top restaurant count on population and controls, and the positive relationships evident in Figure 6 appear here as well and are statistically significant.

However, we have seen that product proliferation (at least in numbers of restaurants) also occurs at the zipcode level as zipcode population increases. However, the increase in the number of products is at least as dramatic as any changes in the quality of the products and we can present no evidence that average quality increases at all. We take the evidence in Figure 6 and Table VI as a clear indication that the number of high quality restaurants increases in market size and that even the number of high quality restaurants per‐capita is higher is larger cities. Data available at the Yellow Pages web site8 give the number of restaurants in each city in each of 49 different cuisine categories. The lower panels reproduce the upper panels, but using top restaurants per capita instead of the total number of restaurants. Only chain restaurants (with locations in multiple markets) are included. Second, it may reflect growth in the types of food (cuisine) that are offered in each location.

Folding Clutch : It is one of the types of clutch bag and the only thing is, it is available with the handle and it can be folded easily as well. What about horizontal proliferation through the proliferation of types of cuisines? In practice, there may be some proliferation in horizontal dimensions together with some proliferation in a vertical dimension and the distinction may matter very little in most policy applications. The Professional Indemnity Policy covers the negligent services of a professional to its client and covers an act of negligence, error or omission on the part of an assured in the execution of his professional activities. In an attempt to improve the design of products and reduce design changes, cost, and time to market, concurrent engineering or life cycle engineering has emerged as an effective approach to addressing these issues in today’s competitive global market. In this dissertation, a generic remanufacturing process is described with all included steps that are needed to restore the products to useful life. To avoid obsolescence, the products must be easy to upgrade with new technology in the remanufacturing process. This dissertation describes how products can be designed to facilitate the remanufacturing process. Studying the Pareto sets that correspond to various derivative products leads to a systematic methodology for design decision making.