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Nraas mover

Translation Pages for Mover. For information on how to translate, see How To Translate (developer note: Do not update the Mod Updated column, that is for the . Subject · Author · Replies · Views · Last Message By · Last Message. 1 - 2 of 2. Mod isn't working · stebbinsd, 4, , J4Ks, May 28, Moving a Sim and 3. Mover. Ability to ask over a estranged child for a certain number of sim-days, making them active, and then automatically re-adding them to their old household.

Mover This mod removes the "greater than eight" and "requires adult" restrictions in "Edit Town" and the Phone and Computer "Move" interactions. The "Ask To. 3 Sep - 6 min - Uploaded by Saturn Celeste This movie shows different samples of how to change households using the Dream Catcher. I checked nraas's site under master controller and didn't find an answer the standard move dialogue box, you'll also need Nraas' Mover mod.

NRaas Mover Settings NRaasSettings_Mover_package Hall/ Computer > NRaas > Mover > • Minimum Money Transferred = • Prompt To. . Is there a Nraas mover equivalent for sims 4 yet? Regardless, Twallan did put a competent team in place at NRaas Inductries, so hope is. I might be misunderstanding the question, but I believe the NRaas Mover mod allows you to create a household that has no adult human sim in. NRAAS Mover enables you to have no-adult households. When you are still in CAS (Create-A-Sim/Household), add a random adult and accept.