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Letter to brezhnev

Letter to Brezhnev is a British romantic comedy film about working class life in contemporary Liverpool. It was written by Frank Clarke and directed by Chris. Two Soviet sailors, Peter and Sergei, go ashore in Liverpool to spend one night on the town. Peter can speak a minimal amount of English but it's enough to. A romantic farce that enjoys but never makes fun of its protagonists, this is an entertaining story about the unlikely pairing of a Liverpool factory.

And that is the premise of "Letter to Brezhnev," another one of those small-scale, intensely human movies that have come out of England in the. One of the gems of s British cinema, Letter to Brezhnev is the story of two Merseyside girls out on the town with two Russian sailors. Letter to Brezhnev's political aspects aren't always as immediately obvious as those that were found in other British dramas at this time, but the film is.

THE letter to Brezhnev in the movie of that name is written by Elaine, a year- old Liverpool lass who one starry night falls in love with a. nudebeachbabes.info: Letter to Brezhnev [UK import, Region 2 DVD/ Region B Blu-Ray PAL format]: Alexandra Pigg, Margi Clarke, Peter Firth, Alfred Molina, Chris.