How to umd dumper on my psp download

By Tezshura 2 Oct, 2012 0 Comments

How to umd dumper on my psp

PSP Running m33 or GEN-d3 or Promethus Umdumper then once done extract umd dumper to your desktop or what ever. Now that we can play our psp games on ps vita fw, I would like to know which UMD dumper is this UMD dumper considered the best to. I have PSP if that makes a difference. I How to stream music using the RSS channel UMD Dump kai v2 [ to support].

Are you ready for the ultimate PSP homebrew? Well, ok maybe its really more like the ultimate UMD Dumper. PSP developer. Did you know that you could make an ISO or CSO image of your PSP UMD and then run it off your memory stick. This solves space issues and the games even. I used Fastloader with my PSP fat back in the day, but I can't find anything that easy to dump ISOs to memory stick for the slim. Thanks.

UMD Dumper by jonathanduboucau allows you to easily convert the NEWS SOURCE #1: PSP Homebrew UMD dumper version 23 (via).