Crt screen off download

By Yokus 2 Oct, 2012 0 Comments

Crt screen off

Hey I didn't know where to put this so I put it into general questions soo. I want this old crt screen off animation like on some LG phones and. Seriously loved having the animation on a couple of my rooted phones years ago and I think the AMOLED screen would be perfect for it. I'm not sure what you are asking? You want the animations to be turned off or the screen to turned off? In the video he is turning off the screen.

Custom Screen Off Animations for all ROMs. What is this. This module is an experiment to bring custom screen off animation to all ROMs without modifying. Now well I would really really like to have the CRT Screen off animation like the Google Nexus 5 had and heard of Xposed framwork which. Peace to requisite0 for helping a brother package this up. This is for the people running stock roms who want the crt screen off animation, Metro.