Google map tiles offline download

By Nagrel 2 Oct, 2012 0 Comments

Google map tiles offline

If you are trying to cache the tiles that Google serves, that may be a violation of Google's Terms of Service (unless, under certain circumstances. I checked the functionality to download Google Map for offline usage, Your application's access to the tiles will be blocked if it accesses them. I've downloaded GoogleMaps Tiles from zoom 9 to 16 in selected area with " Offline Map Maker". I want to add this Tiles to my map in MapServer. How to do it ?.

GMapCatcher ( is a free utility which lets you download maps to your computer for offline viewing. The name implies google maps, but it supports other tile map services including OpenStreetMap. Just now I found this: It says it supports the Google maps and its home page has striked. Google Maps Offline on iOS/Android Devices: If you're going where the Internet Download Google Maps to use Offline for Android devices without the Internet . How can I download map tiles from Open Street Maps for offline applications?.

Hi, If I am not mistaken, currently the Google Maps integration in c:geo does not cache map tiles? I know I can use OSM maps to have offline. An app can download multiple regions for offline use, but the total offline download is capped at a maximum tile count. Is there some way to see the cached map tiles in the ODK Collect The Google Maps application has an offline cache, but the Google Maps. Design and host maps with OpenStreetMap vector tiles and open-source tools. Maps are compatible with Leaflet, Mapbox GL SDKs, GIS, WMTS/WMS, XYZ map .