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Disability ppt

Understanding disability. Introduction to disability. Introduction to disability. Individual models: Medical or charity view point; Problem = the individual; Social . Mental retardation. Derrick Jones · Disability Powerpoint. VSnow47 · Types of Disabilities. Stefy Angel · Aids final MADHUR VERMA. Section One. This section covers: What is a disability? Types of disability; Causes of disability; Impact of disability; Prevalence in WA; Future trends in disability.

Disability Presented by. Lanny Taulbee. Disabilities Coordinator. KY Commission on Community Volunteerism and Service. Del Ray Zimmerman. Introduction to Disability. introduction - disability. 2. Person First Language. Describe the person, not the disability; Refer to a person's disability only when it is. Disability Awareness: The Basics. Goals of Today's Presentation. Leave you with a better understanding of the various types of disabilities; Help us to.

Better health for persons with disabilities. WORLD HEALTH ASSEMBLY WHA 9. (6) to prepare, in consultation with other organizations of the United Nations. Actual priorities of the Regional Commission are 1) measuring the scale of disability; 2) gathering information to assess national policy proposals; 3) promoting. Convention timeline; What is the Convention? Paradigm shift; Definition of disability; General principles, articles and rights in the Convention. Disability Etiquette. People First Language. John Fuller, Ed.D. Department of Veterans Affairs. Office of Diversity and Inclusion. What is Person First Language ?.