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Memex search

NASA JPL, Kitware, and Continnum are working in collaboration to develop and improve the Memex search technology. Currently, the team is using the software . Memex was developed by DARPA over the past several years and is designed to search the Deep Web in a bid to discover human trafficking. This is a huge. I contacted the program manager: > [Parts] are available now and DARPA anticipates that several components of the overall MEMEX system will be made.

To help overcome these challenges, DARPA has launched the Memex program. Memex seeks to develop software that advances online search capabilities far. Researchers' search engine for the "Dark Web" might be useful in many areas. Memex is like the Google of the deepest, darkest parts of the web, focusing (for the moment) on tackling human trafficking and slavery.

Memex: A search engine more powerful than Google. By Elizabeth Dwoskin - The Wall Street Journal; Business Spectator; PM February DARPA developed the Memex Program to search the internet, including hidden services, and “any public domain content.” The program started. To achieve this goal, Memex will not only scrape content from the millions of regular web pages that get ignored by commercial search engines.