Stealthman ps3 download

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Stealthman ps3

PS3 multiMAN Stealth v Press [START] to "Update and Load Stealth multiMAN" The stealth multiMAN supports online update which doesn't require PKG file installation and is a seamless process. Find news and updates for the Sony PS3, PSP, Apple iPhone models As you know, stealthMAN has a spoofed game ID (among other things). stealthman update. PSXHAX. MultiMAN v by DeanK Released for PS3 Custom Firmware. Thread by: PSXHAX, Nov 29, , 6 replies.

Rogero has updated his PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware to Rogero CEX v1. 01 with Toolbox for StealthMAN. Quoted Message This CFW. Hello, I installed stealthMAN and I'm glad deank released a well made stealth alternative of his multiMAN. But the old multiMAN is still more.