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Our flagship application NexStorm is an advanced lightning detection and analysis interface for use with the Boltek™ Corporation range of personal lightning. Features. • Automatically create and ftp screenshots for posting on a website • Send out email alerts with TSentry addon • Optional StormVue NGX Adobe Flash . NexStorm Lite is a Windows bit multi-threaded application utilizing the Microsoft Windows preemptive multitasking capabilities in the most.

A brand new piece of software by Astrogenic. NexStorm takes a fresh new approach to data display and analysis from the Boltek lightning detector range. NexStorm version or later features support for a new proprietary vector based map format called the Composite Vector Map, or CVM for short. This text. NexStorm is a Microsoft Windows lightning detection interface application for the Boltek Corporation line of lightning detectors. Superb thunderstorm locating.

The software to further analyze and plot the data is Astrogenic NexStorm V PCI. The system records four types of lightning: +CG Positive cloud to. Get Boltek NexStorm Lite User guide. Get all Boltek manuals!.